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Milk for the Ugly voting

Mon Jan 5, 2015, 4:47 PM

Hey guys,

Pipedream Comics put together a list of best digital comics of 2014 and my and akreon's Milk For The Ugly made it to the top 10! 
We're competing against some really cool comics and amazing creators, so it's incredibly exciting for us.

We'd very much appreciate it if you voted for us in the poll. You don't have to  register to vote :D (Big Grin)


Thank you very much for your support!

Milk for the Ugly by vesner

3DS friend code

Mon Dec 22, 2014, 1:59 PM

I treated myself with a 3dS this xmas and I'm hooked up on pokemon. Add me to your friends if you need a minion in a game, want to trade or if you're in need of more friend safarii zones!
Feel free to post your codes and fave games here too.

3196 - 5709 - 9292

It's coming

Tue Dec 2, 2014, 4:16 PM

Down the rabbit hole: :rabbithole:

I've seen the future guys and I'm incredibly excited!
Click the green thing! Click it!

How a game developer saved my life

Thu Nov 6, 2014, 4:35 PM

After disappearing for a very long while, halting commissions and delaying the creation of OFF-WHITE; I think I owe you guys an explanation.

At the beginning of August I found myself at a hospital, diagnosed with gallstones. The only effective way of getting rid of them is to remove the whole gallbladder altogether. Unfortunately it quickly got much  worse.  I got a severe case of cholecystitis and developed a hydrocele. It was suspected that the inflammation started to spread to my  peritoneum and liver. Even more unfortunately it didn't stop there. During all the medical examination I went through during the next few weeks it was discovered that everything was in fact caused by gallbladder cancer, which before was wrongly identified as inflamed tissue.

You can probably imagine how devastated I was after getting the news - after weeks of pain I got to know that I had cancer with extremely poor prognosis and had absolutely no money for a surgery.

Desperate I turned to my employer - CD Projekt RED (a Polish game developer - check their games out here: ), to ask if I could get my salary earlier in hopes of rising funds for my operation. I got an answer almost immediately - CD Projekt RED decided to pay for my surgery and possible future chemotherapy. There were no questions, no catches, no enforced promises. I was told to take off as much time as I needed to get the surgery and then recover before getting back to work. They were not in any way obliged to help me at all and yet they gave me their full support, without which this story might have ended completely different.

I'm a month after the surgery right now - missing a gallbladder, part of my liver and a few lymph nodes. So far it seems everything is ok and the cancer didn't have the chance to spread. I was lucky in my misfortune to have found and removed it at such an early stage.

I've already thanked all of the lovely people at CD Projekt RED who helped me so much in getting through the incredibly hard time. They hopefully already know how thankful I am and how much I owe them. I do want to repeat the thanks once again though, here on the internet, to share with the rest of the world how kind they were to me.
Adam Badowski, the managing director and member of the board at CD Projekt Red; Ben Lee, the producer for mobile games; John Mamais, the executive producer; and Agnieszka Więcek, the head of HR - thank you for all the time and effort you've invested to help me. Thank you for the moral support and all the kind words.

If you're a gamer, please, support CD Projekt RED as much as you can. It's a company filled with very talented and warm people, who do their best to create incredible games.

Using the opportunity I would also, once again, like to thank all of my watchers who were incredibly supportive and who created lovely art for me, even though the only thing they knew was that I was feeling bad. You're the best!
As a small thank-you-gift I'd like to create an art tutorial for you. Please, write what would you like to learn and I'll do my best to create something that could help you. Thanks again and see you around!

I'm back from the hospital with a list of goodies I have for you!
My surgery went well. I might need another one pretty soon but so far everything is a-ok. Thank you all for the wishes and good vibes!

To get your reward you need to do two things:


Send me a big version of your image! As a crazy cat lady I want to print and frame all of your works to have a wall full of lovely kitty pictures of my fluffy babies~!


Pick 3 games and 3 pieces of gear (6 items in total) that you'd like to receive the most. In the end you'll receive only one of them but this way (hopefully!) everyone will get what they actually want. Remember to include your mail address and steam account username so I can send you your rewards!

Be safe and remember not to publish your address in the comments - send it to me through dA notes.

I have duplicates of some of the items and games, so don't worry - there's plenty for everyone. All the unclaimed items and games are going to become prizes for a future contest. Thank you for cheering me up through hard times. You can't even imagine how much it helped me!

GAMES (steam keys):

GEAR (one item from a set):

Homefront by vesner Llama by vesner Witcher by vesner Balls by vesner Pins by vesner Backpack by vesner Tardis by vesner Stickers by vesner Lan by vesner


(please, message me if I missed anything!)
Calico Princess by HeyrielTeam BALOR-NYA to the rescue! by RaidrarVIVA vensner: Nya N Balor by Hisscale<da:thumb id="475902279"/><da:thumb id="475916220"/>For Vesner: Princess Nya and Pirate Balor by minsranya- get well soon! by ninjarism3Pick-Me-Up for Vesner by HitTheCeilingFor vesner by ChaseyaFor vesner Pick - me - up  cat art contest by TudaliaPrincess Princess by rahas3Guardian Kitties for Vesner by AzuraDragonessMilk-White_Family Reuinion_ by FleshCreatureCatch It by Key-with-QCat Hugs by Pawlove-ArtsThe Princess and Pirate by BorderBreakerLight Your Heart Up by IthliniFeel Better Vesner!!! :) by pinkyscoopmoreNya and Balor by Thinker4567Balor by SarilityI kinda gave your cats wings...... by MaximWolfPick-me-up cat art contest by PorkydollCuriosity by Zoltan86pick-me-up for vesnerB by wolflover1451

Pick-me-up cat art contest

Fri Aug 15, 2014, 4:41 PM

I'm really sick guys. I'm waiting for a surgery and hoping the in the meantime my liver won't give up on me.
I need something to cheer me up.

I've gathered some small cool stuff I want to share with you: some stickers and stress balls from the closed @deviantARTGear ; lots of different pin badges from tv shows, comics and events; a pile of bandanas from the game Homefront; bags, backpacks and ribbons from San Diego Comic Con 2014, etc.
Every item is worth just a few bucks at most and will fit into a letter or a small package, which I will ship to you for free.

Here's the catch:
to get a chance to get some of the loot, create art of my lovely cats. Here are my kittens, the lovely calico princess Nya and the grumpy persian pirate Balor:

20140720 071859 by vesnerFlo3 by vesnertumblr myjehs2Nmf1rb7z2wo1 500 by vesner

The prizes are very small so it's not a full-blown contest - even doodles, sketches and haikus will be highly appreciated. I'll create a full list of all the loot as soon as I get back home, but hopefully I'll be able to give away at least 20-30 different items. Remember that you'll have to be ready to give me your postal address so I can send you your prize!

Are there any rules? Not really. Draw the kittens, write about them, make them cosplay, put them in your favourite tv show, write a slash fic with them... anything will do! The mini-contest will end on the 1st of September. I'll contact you soon after.

Thanks in advance guys and have fun!

:thumb475916220: For Vesner: Princess Nya and Pirate Balor by minsra Pick-Me-Up for Vesner by HitTheCeiling pick-me-up for vesnerB by wolflover1451

Comic Con 2014!

Fri Jul 18, 2014, 12:29 PM

Me and :iconakreon: are going to San Diego Comic Con! 

DeviantART invited us to be guests at the Artist Alley, and take part in one of their panels. 
You can read more about it here:

We'll also finally publish our other comic Milk for the Ugly. If you happen to be at Comic Con this year, make sure to find us. We have some Off-White badges and gadgets to give away.
You'll also have the great opportunity to see how incredibly awkward and ugly we are in real life! :D (Big Grin)

Pimping out a few amazing people

Tue Jan 21, 2014, 11:25 AM

A lot of stuff has been happening lately. I don't really have the time to create anything for myself but I do lurk around, and recently I've found I and met tons of amazing artists. It's time to pimp them out!


An incredibly cool  guy who creates graphics and animations for Jesse Cox from OMFGCata. I even made some fan art of his animations! He isn't too active on dA but that's exactly why you should give him some love and make him post more!

Mature Content

Gross Goat by Zepheron
Super sand by ZepheronSo Hype! by Zepheron Sips and ED-E by Zepheron


One of the most adorable and talented artists I've recently stumbled upon. I fell in love with her art and immediately commissioned two illustrations from her! A lot of you might know her from her Nightvale fanarts, but her gallery has much more tasty stuff that might interest you.
comm: thiefling by littleulvaron air by littleulvarcomm: have mercy by littleulvarsomething otter by littleulvar


A friend from work and an artist with an incredible eye for colour. A busy bee who might start posting more if he gets a bit encouragement!
:thumb353903194:Untitled by beniek:thumb320346639::thumb343351869:Pan's Labyrinth2 by beniek


Believe it or not, it's a dinosaur.  An actual drawing dinosaur. Ever wanted to have some art drawn by a dino? Here's your chance cause it's offering commissions right now:
Commision Sheet by snazzapplesweetCommission- MidnightSun by snazzapplesweetHe aint hurt no body by snazzapplesweetJoy Imprissoned by snazzapplesweetGather me Bones- Forest by snazzapplesweet

A small talk about pricing your art

Wed Dec 25, 2013, 6:15 PM

You're creating art. You have the passion, you have the skills. Why not make some money out of it then? It's a good idea, right? A lot of people live from creating art, and even more earn some money on the side by taking commissions. You should give it a shot!

So... How much money is your art worth?

It's a hard question to answer for those who are just starting their adventure with selling and creating art for money. Is its worth equal to the price of the materials you used? Is it equal to the value of the time you've spent on creating it? What about the emotional value you put into it? Should your education influence your prices?

No matter if art is your job, hobby or a pastime, you should never undervalue it. In this article I will try to give some tips as to how assess the value of your artwork and touch the problem of too low prices.

We're in it for the money.

Let's be honest - if you're reading this then you probably want to know how much you could earn. The more the better, right? True, but you need to be aware that majority of your clients will want the exact opposite - to pay as little as possible. Your task will be to balance the two out so your clients are happy with the price and you get your well deserved money. Let's start from the basics.

poor artist by YonYonYon
If you want to sell art and be at least a bit serious about it, you need to realize that:
  • You are a worker. Artists (just like tailors, carpenters or masons) provide basic products for others to admire, use or build upon. Your work is as important as anyone's else, and as such should be valued.
  • As a worker you commit time and energy into creation. You are basically selling your skills and hours of your life so someone can get a piece of artwork. You will need to give a monetary value to those skills and hours if you want to earn money.
  • In every part of the world the cost of living and work is different.  The price of your time (and by extension also your art) will strongly depend on the minimum wage in your country.  

I strongly believe that no matter how much experience you have or how young you are,  you deserve to be paid at least the minimum wage for your honest work. Go ahead - look up the minimum wage in your country. Check how much is that per hour of work. That's the bare minimum you should take for hour of creating your work. The piece takes you more than an hour? It should cost two times as much then! Not a penny less!

If you agree and want to earn even more skip the next fragment. If you don't then stay with me for a moment longer and we'll go through all the popular arguments against it.

The reasons why you're valuable

:bulletred: I don't think art in general is worth all that much.
Artistic skills are VERY valuable. In the country I live in the problem of undervaluing art is so far-reaching that the word "artist" itself became a colloquial name for someone who is unreasonably extravagant, silly and flippant.  It's not true at all. The fact you have a good eye-hand coordination AND an imagination good enough to create anything is very valuable. Gigantic industries are based on people who create art. Can you imagine movies without someone coming up with the visuals, costumes or scenography? What about advertisements? What if all books suddenly had no illustrations? What about gaming? Fashion? Art is a very big part of many businesses and should be treated like that.
:bulletgreen: Your skills are very valuable no matter what anyone else thinks!

:bulletred: I don't have the experience to ask for such an amount.
Of course, at the very start you probably won't be able to charge as much as people who work in the industry for 10+ years now, but it doesn't mean you should work for kibble. Don't be afraid. Everyone was "just starting" at some point. Can you imagine a medical doctor, who just got his degree, working for a few cents per hour even though he's fresh on the market? A baker who sells bread for one cent a loaf because his bakery just opened?
:bulletgreen: If you're just starting, then yes, your prices will probably be lower than those of people who already make art for a living. That doesn't mean you should work for less than bare minimum.

:bulletred: It's only a hobby.
Commission Info: CLOSED by ShadeofShinon
It's actually a good argument, to be honest. If you create something for yourself in your own free time, you have the full right to sell it for as much as you want - a million dollars or a bag of chips. It's up to you.
The situation changes though when someone asks you to paint something very specific just for them. From the ideological point of view you are now employed by that person and shouldn't be treated like a slave. Taking commissions usually means you won't create what you want but what others want. It means that your price includes not only the art and time you sacrifice to create it but also all the revisions, corrections and changes, which sometimes can be harder than the main task.
:bulletgreen: Hobby or not, don't let anyone make you a slave.

:bulletred: I need to have a portfolio/commission examples first.
Yes. Yes, you do. A strong portfolio is very important if you want to get into the art industry. That doesn't mean you should work for free though. A good personal illustration that you put your heart into is worth much more than a private commission of someone's OC that you struggle with. Private commissioners usually don't care if you were hired by someone before and people from the industry care (or don't care at all) only about published  commercial projects you contributed to.
:bulletgreen: It's better to create your portfolio with utmost care so people want to buy what you actually enjoy creating, than to lower your prices just so you can pump commissioned pieces into your gallery in hope it will help you gain new clients. It won't.

:bulletred: Come on. An image like that can't be worth more than a can of soda!
A lot of young artists don't know the worth of their work simply because they've never worked before. Of course I'm not talking about the occasional work they might be involved in but the regular 8-9 hours a day for 5 days a week most adults have to do. The idea of the minimum wage was quite abstract to me as well before I started working.
Why does a can of soda cost less than art? Because it's made in millions of copies by machines. It's not customized. It's not unique. It isn't revised while being created. It's not made specifically for one person and their needs. Any bit of personalization would make its cost to skyrocket. If you intend to sell the same piece of art in millions of copies then, of course, by all means lower its price so it reaches as many customers as possible. If you're going to get paid only once though, think about it for a moment and join us back in the next part of the article.

A price to satisfy them all

The minimum wage won't earn you much. At most it will precisely null out with the time and effort you put into your work. It's basically the price of art that could be made by anyone. Just like anyone who's any good at what they're doing, you should rise the price the more experienced you get, the more known you are, and the more work you currently have. There are artists out there who work for 5USD an hour, 10USD, 20USD or even over 100USD.  It's now up to you to set your price point at which you feel the most comfortable.

Setting an hourly price might, once again, be difficult. How are you supposed to know where to start or where to stop? There are two methods to deal with it.

#1 - Start low and build up

This method is much better for young artists who are just starting their adventure with art. The idea is simple - you raise your prices as you develop your skills and build up the confidence in your art. It can cause some troubles though, so learn from my mistakes.
A few years back, when I was taking my very first commissions on dA I really undervalued my art. I asked for 20USD for works that took me over 8 hours of work (2,5USD/h) which was much too little even considering how inexperienced I was and the fact I live in eastern Europe where prices are much lower. Why was it too little? First of all I came across a few traps of the too low pricing. Oddly enough the first was... the lack of clients.

Believe it or not, too low prices scare people away! Would you buy a car for 50USD? Of course you would if you saw and tested it first. Otherwise it would sound a bit too good to be true, right? The same is with art. Some prices either feel fishy or imply that there's something wrong with the art itself. People think that for such a low price you might be adding some costs later on, send them only a small version or gods know what else!

The other problem were returning clients. After buying art from me some came back for more after a while. As a growing artist I raised my prices since then and my clients felt cheated on. I got into a few very unpleasant situations trying to explain to my ignorant clients that since the last time they've commissioned me I got much better and offered a product of higher quality. Few listened but a lot of them publicly complained... and scared away potential clients.

Another problem you might encounter is too slow price growth or even stagnation. It's a very serious issue for those who feel insecure about their art.
Do yourself a favor - set your price at a level you think is fair... and then add a few bucks. I'm serious. Go on, add those few dollars more because you're worth that much. In our efforts to be fair we usually overestimate how fast we work and don't realize how many revisions some clients want. Too low price might really come back and bite you in the ass if you're not careful enough.

If you add a buck or two with every commission batch then you'll soon reach a level you're satisfied with. If you're lucky enough you'll be able to charge even more once you find your place in the market and create yourself a niche to draw clients from.

money money money MONEY by urban-barbarian

#2 - Start high and don't give a fuck

This method works good with those who are experienced in creating art but never tried selling their works. If you already have a distinctive style, a unique technique or great ideas just slap a big price on your art. If you advertise enough there are going to be people out there who will want to buy it from you. It often requires a lot of confidence, patience and an outgoing personality but can bring incredible profits and prestige. Not for those in need of fast money.
If the plan doesn't work, lowering the prices might not work immediately... or work like a charm if you plan it right! It's definitely a high risk - high reward strategy.


Don't worry. We all are. If you're still not sure as to how to price your art, then do some research.

Lurk around a bit and check price lists of other people that are at your level of work.  Use it as a guideline. Beware of the underpricing artists though! Remember not to go below the minimum wage and check twice to make sure you didn't stumble upon someone who's undervaluing themselves! Also remember to check if they're from the same continent as you are, having in mind that somewhere else in the world prices might be much lower.

Check how much time a given piece takes you. It will make pricing it a bit easier.

Structure your prices. Check what takes you a significant amount of time to create and make it a step in your pricing ladder.

And if you're still not confident about your art... then just keep practicing! Invest the time others use for advertising their commissions and creating art for others into developing your skills.

You might also want to read a bit more about pricing your art. Here are a few places you should visit:
Pricing Your Art by Ellen 'the Alaskan' Million
Commission - Approach and Pricing Guide  by cyphervisor
How to price your artwork for freelance work by Teshia Lyndall
Why is undercharging a bad idea? by Katie Hofgard

I don't do ART for free by Exileden

BONUS ROUND - How can anything be TOO cheap?

The practice of lowering the price to ridiculous levels in hope of getting clients is not only a very wrong approach that hurts you - the artist who decides to work for less - but also all the artists that come after you and do the exact same thing. Imagine this: artist A is new to the market and decides to check someone's price list. To get clients A makes his prices lower than that. Another artist appears - B. B checks A's price list and makes their prices even lower than that. Do you see where this is going?  It causes a never-ending spiral of lowering prices that for some is very hard to escape from even after their skills get better and they gain more experience. This is the very reason a lot of artists live on the verge of poverty.

It gets worse though. A much more serious problem arises because of offering too low prices - people believing that art has little to no worth. At some point the idea of working for kibble starts to spread among the clients who then force other artists to work for as little too. The drop in the monetary value also diminishes the cultural value of art. Paintings become worth as little as doodles on napkins, sculptures are treated as a waste of space used only as a pigeon toilet, papercraft is nothing more than a pastime for kids.

Don't allow anyone to dictate the worth of your work. If you are someone who enjoys art but isn't a creator, appreciate the young artist and give them a tip. Those few bucks more and a few nice words make a big difference.

Money can't make you happy by converse-kidd-stamps Hungry Artist by emmil My painting pay my bills... by emmil 'I Need WORK' Stamp by xmod Stamp: Commission by FlantsyFlan Arts WORTH Money by emmilSupport an Artist Stamp by Skarlet-Raven


Some of you might already know that me and akreon are working on a new comic. We're still working at it, but I promise it's going to be great! We're testing a completely new art style  with a nice grungy look to it which hopefully will nicely complement the story we want to tell you. It's not going to be an ongoing series like OFF-WHITE but a one-shot motion comic made in the Madefire Motion Book Tool  (check out MotionBookTool for more info and some really cool comics). The comic will be available at deviantART soon so keep an eye out for more announcements and promo art!


In my free time I've been sketching out a few articles  connected with improving one's art skills, taking first steps towards a career in art and trying to get into the art industry. The first article I want to release will concentrate on an issue that touches a lot of young artist - art prices.  It will be mostly aimed at those who are just starting or want to start selling their art and have little to no idea as to how much money its really worth.
With that coming out in a few days, I want to ask you if there are other issues/questions that you would like me to write about. What are you struggling with as an artist? Do you have questions you're not sure who to ask about? Dump them all here and I'll do what I can. If I won't know how to answer, I'll ask around and at least give you some links that will help you.


I'm very sorry for the lack of activity around here recently. Most of my uploads became automated using the scheduling submissions and when I have some more time I tend to answer only the first ten-ish comments in my inbox. There's been a lot going on in my life recently, but I'm really proud and incredibly excited to tell you that I'm joining the artists at CD Projekt (guys behind the Witcher games ) to work with them on their new game Cyberpunk 2077. It probably means that aside from the usual comic updates I'll be even less active, but who knows. Maybe I'll be able to show you some other really cool stuff!

Titans plz

With Attack on Titan's season ending I found myself with absolutely no anime to watch. Is there anything you could recommend? I haven't followed any new releases recently so I'm not even sure what are the new popular titles.
I'm a fan of shounens and romantic comedies, but will gladly try something else if it's any good in its own genre. If you're interested here's a rough list of series I've already completed:…

Thanks for reading and remember to tell me what art/art career related questions would you like to be answered, and what's your current favourite series to watch!

Learning the theory without any practice is incredibly pointless when it comes to art. No book, no lecture and no video will ever teach you how to paint if you won't find the time for creating something yourself.
On the other hand, doing everything alone and without any instructions  is the longest and hardest way of achieving anything. What's worse it doesn't guarantee you success.

Through the last couple of years I've been painting, I've learned that the best way for me to learn to paint is to copy techniques of people who know what they're doing. There's no better way doing it than watching videos with commentaries. That's why today I thought I'd share with you some great lectures, tutorials and demos I've found on youtube. Below you'll find a list of the best YT channels and samples of videos. Go and subscribe for more great vids!


Official channel of FZD School of Design which is considered to be one of the best schools providing  education in entertainment design. On their channel you'll find dozens of videos with lectures, walkthroughs, Q&A sessions and student work presentations. A must-see for all digital artists trying to get into the entertainment industry.


Channel led by sinix. You'll find there not only a big selection of very solid art theory tutorials but also a series of workshops with critique sessions and design development and a quite interesting "Let's explore deviantART" series.

Scott Robertson

Ever wanted to paint machines? Scott Robertson's channel is the place to go. He demonstrates very efficient techniques of designing and rendering machines as well as teaches fundamentals like line weight or atmospheric perspective.

Imagine FX

Official channel of Imagine FX magazine. They concentrate on illustrations made in a wide variety of styles using a lot of different software - Photoshop, Painter, Sketchbook Pro or Art Rage. Not all videos have audio (full versions can be purchased with the magazine) but some do; and the ones without are still  quite interesting nonetheless.


A great channel for beginners. Sycra explains the very basics like composition or light in short and easy to understand videos. He also tackles with many questions that arise when people start to draw. On the channel you'll also find a lot of interviews and critique sessions as well as speed painting and livestream footage.

Concept Cookie

A channel connected with CGCookie - a team of artists developing tutorials for digital artists. They create a variety of videos helping understand the basics of digital art as well as providing some simple solutions for very specific subject you might want to paint.

Spreading like a disease

Tue Jul 9, 2013, 6:35 AM

Since a lot of people kept asking, here's a few other places on the web where you can find me:


Pugbun vs Tailcat contest - WINNERS!

Wed May 29, 2013, 9:44 AM


After 3 weeks of constant battle both Pugbunistan and Tailcatia came to the same conclusion - we won and the other side is miserable! It was time for celebrations, eating turnips with lard, and completely ignoring the bragging of the opposing side.

The war is over and the frail balance has been restored... for the time being.

Good work comrades!

The contest is over and we're proud to announce the winners!
We received 76 entries which truly exceeded our expectations. It was very hard to pick only 10 winners... so we decided to throw more prizes at our contestants! On each side we picked 7 runner-ups who'll receive 396:points: - just enough for one month premium membership. All of the entries were amazing and if we only had the possibility we'd give prizes to all of their creators!

To see all of the entries as well as work in progress shots of some of them click here:…

Thank you very much for participating!

1st prize

4800 :points:

Winner Winner - Kitten Dinner by mrballoonatic

2nd prize

2400 :points:

A Catless Day by Delkkat

3rd prize

1300 :points:

PUGBUN WINS! -Speedpaint- FREEDOM- by FleshCreature

4th prize

1000 :points:

Victorious! by Griffkat

5th prize

500 :points:

The enemy has been slain by Whiluna


396 :points:

The Win by Rametic I'll break thee TailKitty by Miahii Victorius Pugbun by FuriarossaAndMimma .:Pugbun's Sexy New Scarf:. by MelzyV Victorious pugbun by Novie-Kenari :thumb372789713:  CE: Victory of Pugbun by Gold-Fang


1st prize

4800 :points:

Tailcat's Triumph by Lollymote

2nd prize

2400 :points:

my victory will be, sinisterrrr.... by sioSIN

3rd prize

1300 :points:

fireside by echorise

4th prize

1000 :points:

Pugbun vs Tailcat by CatherineSt

5th prize

500 :points:



396 :points:

:thumb372593390: Tailcat the Victor by Andiliion Green VS Purple... spirits? by waltwoor :thumb373812865: Revenge by gwen-di Pugbun defeated by Ninja Tailcat by PixlPhantasy




Dear comrades!

The loathsome creature devoid of honor that goes by the name of Pugbun has crossed the line! This vile creature steals socks, doesn't flush the toilet, and what's worst of all, slurps while drinking tea. This and many other breaches of good manners escalated to the point at which I was forced to declare war! Stand by my side my brothers and sisters! For socks! For tea! For flushing!

The peace between Pugbunistan and Tailcatia lasted for many years but it's over now! Pick a side and help your army defeat the enemy once and for all!  
If your  bravery and artistic input will be enough to harm our opponent you'll be handsomely rewarded for your deeds!
If you are caught collaborating with the enemy though, you'll be thrown into the poisonous hamster pit!



Your task is to take part in the war between Pugbunistan and Tailcatia. To do so you have to create a piece of artwork that depicts the victory of Pugbun/Tailcat over Tailcat/Pugbun. You can pick only one side of the conflict so chose wisely! The more people on one side, the less chances they have to win but the longer you wait before deciding, the less time you have to create your work!


:bulletpurple:The contest has two separate categories - supporting Pugbun or Tailcat.
:bulletgreen:Both categories have identical sets of prizes
:bulletpurple:You can submit your works only to one category.
:bulletgreen: One entry per person.
:bulletpurple: All entries must be made specifically for this contest
:bulletgreen: We're accepting visual entries only.
:bulletpurple: You can find references for both Pugbun and Tailcat here:…
:bulletgreen: The contest ends on the 26th of May and the winners will be announced shortly after.
:bulletpurple: Post your entry in your deviantART gallery and send it in a note to pugbun or tailcat


1st prize

4800 :points:

just enough for 2 years of premium membership or 60 llama sunglasses

2nd prize

2400 :points:

just enough for one year of premium membership

3rd prize

1300 :points:

so you can buy yourself a 6-month premium membership

4th prize

1000 :points:

so you have barely not enough points for four months of premium membership but just enough for three

5th prize

500 :points:

so you can buy yourself  a month premium membership or some lard

1st prize

4800 :points:

just enough for 2 years of premium membership or 60 cake slices

2nd prize

2400 :points:

just enough for one year of premium membership

3rd prize

1300 :points:

so you can buy yourself a 6-month premium membership

4th prize

1000 :points:

so the guy who placed 3rd can complain he only got 300 points more than you

5th prize

500 :points:

so you can feel special too by buying yourself  a month premium membership and a turnip

Daily Deviation - Feature

Wed Nov 28, 2012, 1:45 AM

I wasn't around for a couple of days and once again my watchers made me a huge surprise! Thank you very much sala-mander for suggesting and KovoWolf for featuring League of Legends - beware the tall grass as a Daily Deviation!

In celebration I shall now commence the feature of joy! Tigers and mushrooms!

Rengar Official Concept Art by Zeronis
shroom army by JasonJacenko
Mushroom Samurai Returns by Gorrem
Elemental Wallpaper by akeli

Glass Mushroom by AJGlass
Fire Tiger Acid Panther Background by TastesLikeAnya

White tiger by ani-r
majestic-mushroom by Forgotten-Myth

Tutorials and techniques 2

Sun Nov 18, 2012, 7:12 PM

It's time to refresh the tutorial journal! Added some new ones and removed those which, after some time, I found a bit misleading.
Below you'll find a list of tutorials I personally think of as the best on dA. If I have any problems with painting something I usually take a look at one of those.

Is there anything you're having troubles with? Need help looking for a good tutorial? Or maybe you'd like to see a video walk-through of me painting something?

I'm open for suggestions for what kind of tutorial/walk-through you'd like to see from me. If you're interested in anything, post your suggestions in the comments!

Poses, composition and perspective
Pose tutorial by shingworks Guide to Movement1:Flexibility by Majnouna Tutorial 12 ImagInAction by AquaSixio Perspective + Composition Pt.1 by fox-orian Perspective + Composition Pt.2 by fox-orian Composition 1 by photo-class Composition 2 by photo-class

Expressions and emotions
Emotions and Facial Expression by Majnouna Lackadaisy Expressions by tracyjb

Colour theory, selection and mixing VS light
Tutorial 10 How to have six' with colours by AquaSixio Blending Tutorial by acidlullaby Colour Theory in a Nutshell by Majnouna A Note on Light and Colour by toerning Gradient Tutorial by damie-m Global Lighting Tutorial by Angelus-Tenebrae color selection by oione How I See Color - A Tutorial by glitchedpuppet Unified Color Palette Tutorial by Cpresti

Human anatomy
Abdomination: How to draw beef by Coelasquid Hand Tutorial -Tips+Reference- by Qinni Facial structure tutorial 1 by DayDawnDusk Facial structure 2-Eyes by DayDawnDusk

Mature Content

Ladies Tutorial by shingworks
Fellas Tutorial by shingworks Hand tutorial by shingworks Foot tutorial by shingworks Big Guide to Drawing the Body by Majnouna Drawing Feet by Majnouna Thoughts on Wings by Uzlo Emotions and Facial Expression by Majnouna BTB head studies by BeaGifted Facial Reference: The Eyes by CGCookie Male Anatomy Patterns by Snigom Female Anatomy Patterns by Snigom Guide to Human Types part 1 by Majnouna anatomy dump 3 by kakimari

Romanticfae's Skin Tutorial by RomanticFae SKIN: a tutorial - Part 1 by navate SKIN: a tutorial - Part 2 by navate What Skin Colors? by Smirtouille  Skin Tutorial by acidlullaby

Animal anatomy
Drawing Birds part 1 by Majnouna Tutorial on creature design. by Rodrigo-Vega Canine v. Feline Anatomy Tut. by Daesiy Basic Animal Anatomy by Majnouna Animal Anatomy - Cats Part 1 by akeli Motion Reference 03 by ArnaTornwolf

Details and special effects
How to Draw Cloth - The Basics by JaneMere Various elements - tutorial by MinnaSundberg refraction by oione  Boiling from inside by oione how to create ice by oione patterned fabrics by oione

Photoshop functions, tools and tricks
Tutorial 6 Brush the difficulties away by AquaSixio Working faster in Photoshop by Duffzilla Tutorial: Preparing Lineart by Shinerai :thumb211053856: Photoshop Brushes Part One by ceruleanvii Wacom Starter's Guide 2011 by fox-orian

Walkthroughs to study
Inatten - steps by eilidh  
SLAVIC WARRIOR - Lesson PART1 by Sephiroth-Art
Knight_lesson by Sephiroth-Art
'Object Lesson' Walk Through by drak Tutorial 5 Many are calling for help by AquaSixio Tutorial 3 Let the sun shine in by AquaSixio Long Tutorial is Long by TastesLikeAnya Chronos process by Verehin paint breakdown by leventep  Alaric - process by dinmoney


Stay calm. Be the leaf.

Sun Apr 22, 2012, 9:15 PM

I know it's whiny of me to complain and give excuses, but I'd like to apologize for not answering to all of the comments and notes in a reasonable amount of time. I'm in the middle of switching between universities. I'm going against the flow and common sense and instead of being an architect, I want to stay in the art industry. Crazy but feels so good!

As soon as I manage to go through all the paperwork and the most urgent commissions, I'll be back and hopefully concentrate on creating something for myself and adding a few things to my portfolio.

In the meantime, I wanted to share with you a set of really great youtube videos of painting process made by Noah Bradley (noahbradley).  He was nice enough to comment on what he was doing making the videos a great source of knowledge.  He talks about all the technical details, gives tips and tricks, and does it in a very professional yet easy to understand way. I watch videos like that all the time and find them the best way to learn next to the actual practice. I hope you find it as helpful as I did!

On a completely different  note: I can't stop thinking about Legend of Korra. Seriously. It haunts me even when I brush my teeth. It gets me so excited I want to bounce against the walls. I can't wait for the 4th episode and barely restrain myself from painting the show a dozen of fan arts. I'm the leaf!

LET IT SNOW - contest winners!

Mon Apr 9, 2012, 7:34 AM
It took a while but I'm finally back with the results of Let it snow fan art contest.  We received 61 entries - 6 fan fictions and 55 fan images. Judging was based on maaany different aspects starting from artistic merits through originality and wits, and ending with our (the judges) whims.
Our decision is final and there's no backsies!

Without further ado, here are our winners!


There's one runner-up prize more than we planned. Instead of 3, we got 4! Each of the authors receive 1-month premium membership for themselves or a friend!

:thumb286707669: Winter Wonderland by TrollGirl Let's Play! by kf19 Everything The Northern Light Touches by ARVEN92

2nd place!

Both authors receive a 3-month premium membership for them or their friends, 1000 :points:, journal features and free art commissions.

We've found the Paradise... by WhiteSpiritWolf Skyrim - Alduin by HughEbdy

1st place!

Our grand winner receives a 12-month premium membership for them or their friends, 1500 :points:, journal features, a big bundle of free art commissions and a snazzy Fancy Narwhal sticker set!

Not to spam each other with too many notes, all winners will get a note from with a list of artists assigned to make commissions for them. They'll have a day or two to decide what would they want for the artists to create for them and send them a note with their request. In other words - prize donors, brace yourselves! :D

We would like to thank all of the participants for their great entries, and all the fan art and snowy love they shared while creating their works. The contest was a huge success and we hope we'll be able to held another one soon.
:iconaunjuli: :iconalexandrasalas: :iconrydi1689: :iconvesner:

EDIT! Cool important stuff!
Most of you probably know techgnotic's series of articles that dA has been highlighting recently.
In the newest article "The future of storytelling has arrived"  techgnotic touches very important matters about the future of storytelling and wonders where and if the position of the author is going to change. A lot of good reading about titles like Mass Effect or Teenage ALIEN Ninja Turtles from the perspective of authors, publishers and finally the readers. But that's not all!  We want you to take part in the discussion and there's a special question for you as OFF-WHITE readers! Yes, you guys have your own special question there! If you're interested and have the time, please, go check it out and make your input by answering the question at the end of the article:…

I was rather flabbergasted by the very positive reception of my video tutorial. I'm really glad that so many people found it useful and tried to make their own speedpaints.
With that I have a few questions for you. First of all, would you like to see another tutorial like that? I already figured out how to make such videos so recording something new and adding some captions wouldn't be a problem. The more important question though is what would you like me to show you?  Is there anything that you find really complicated and don't know where to start?

Here are some of the speedpaints dA users made after seeing the tutorial. All of them receive a shiny delicious cookie for being awesome! :iconcookie-plz:
Sorry for the thumbnail size, but I wanted to show as many paintings as possible :D

Forest by alexandrasalas:thumb293697850::thumb293649862:Creek by RoxanneMilsonTeam 20 by fanofnarutoCoastal Speedpaint by ElementalJessSaturated Green by Equalibriemspeed paint by mabelaSpeedPaint Forest by HaikuBaikuuForest speedpaint by Phoenix67Speedpaint1 by liliacee:thumb293378056:A snowy meeting by cloudyliciousDigital Speedpaint no.1 by The-Purring-TeapotFirst speedpaint (lol) by AnnMYRiver Speedpaint by DoubletheU:thumb293200009:Speedpainting Practice 1 by Drakon-the-DemonForest Path by VelkynKarma:thumb293228293:Speed Paint 1 by Shinju-TsukudaSpeedpaint practice by Sunima:thumb293070479::thumb293053846:Speedpaint 1 by UKthewhitewolfLandscape speed paint practice. by PorkydollMountain Speedpaint by ElementalJessSpeed Painting 1 by jesuslover488448Petunia by xstarsixnxthexnightxValley Speedpaint by Melonova:thumb293050664:Kauai Speedpaint by DIGITALidAurora by murdock49speedpaint desert by Paratr00perSpeedpainting - Polloman by SonPanForest Girl by kurohime27Gorilla speedpaint by WhitelupineHeaven by Hi-Agni:thumb293166994:On the sea side by XimNeri:thumb293096204::thumb293003743:highland speedpaint - failure by Xeolan002 by Magatsumasa:thumb293120330:day 1.1 by Gamal-the-rookiefirst speedpaint attempt by Paratr00perSpeedPaint Test by FerAdamiforest speedpaint thing. by MynaOpheliaR E C O V E R E D by Fancy-MustacheFirst Sunrise by WhiteWing1

In other news... the kiriban has been caught!
The first one to send me a screenshot of the round half million pageviews on my profile was Felizis.. who I swear, has some kind of radar turned to watch my profile :XD:
Right after him was coupleofkooks and Shaleene1 who'll also get a little something from me for being so close!
I know you'd really want to know the winners of the fan art contest, but we need a bit more time for judging. A lot of things keeps popping up , but I'll inform you as soon as we pick the winners!

LET IT SNOW contest is over!

Mon Mar 26, 2012, 5:10 PM
I know I'm late with the announcement but... THE CONTEST IS OVER!

Now it's time for me and :iconartisticaunjuli: :iconkasumichan2003: :iconrydi1689:  to judge all the entries! We received 60 of them, including 6 fan fictions and 54 fan pictures! you can see all of them collected here:…

We're going to pick 6 winners (one 1st place, two 2nd places and three 3rd places) and three runner-ups. Judging is going to be based on maaany different aspects starting from artistic merits through originality and wits, and ending with whims of the judges. Thank you everyone who entered and good luck!

Here is a full list of prizes our 60 contestants can win!

1st place

»1500 :points:
» 12-month subscription from Moonbeam13
» journal feature from MrsUnderground
» journal feature from Heyriel
» Fancy Narwhal sticker set from aunjuli [preview]TheFancyNarwhal Sticker Set I by aunjuli
» free waist-up picture from vesner [example]
» free speedpaint  from rydi1689 [example]. Summerberry . by rydi1689
» free tribal design from AnimeWolveslover [example]Tribal Dolphin Design by AnimeWolveslover
» free coloured sketch from SamuraiDragon [example]Pikadragon by SamuraiDragon
» free sketches from Whitelupine [example]R.q: Vancha by Whitelupine
» free colored sketch from MrsUnderground [example]Ronin by MrsUnderground
» complex photomanipulation from AlexLibby [example] ...Space Illusions... by AlexLibby
» free full body sketch of one human character from NaomiHansen
» free pixel art with background from Fayren [example]Kiweet Pixel by Fayren
» free commission from VikingProgenitor [example] Guardians of day and night by VikingProgenitor

2nd place

»1000 :points:
» 3-month subscription from  aunjuli
» journal feature from MrsUnderground
» journal feature from Heyriel
» free commission from Lys-Antigone [example] Rainbowcats - Orange by Lys-Antigone
» free picture from Panthakitty [example] CO-Acai by Panthakitty
» free pixel art icons from sanr4 [example] Pixel dump by sanr4
» free pixel icons from  Fayren [example]Razmutt Icon Request by Fayren
» free sketches from Whitelupine [example]R.q: Vancha by Whitelupine
» semi-complex photomanipulations from AlexLibby [example] ...Space Illusions... by AlexLibby
»  free pixelart sketch from Heyriel [example]:thumb217530292:
» free fake screenshot from Atershard [example]Evening Sun by miyuuma
»  free full body colored drawing from AnimeWolveslover [example]Desert Run by AnimeWolveslover

2nd place

»1000 :points:
»  3-month subscription from Moonbeam13
» journal feature from MrsUnderground
» journal feature from Heyriel
»  free commission from Lys-Antigone [example] Rainbowcats - Orange by Lys-Antigone
»  free picture from Panthakitty [example] CO-Acai by Panthakitty
»  free pixel art icons from sanr4 [example] Pixel dump by sanr4
»  free pixel icons from  Fayren [example]Razmutt Icon Request by Fayren
»  free sketches from Whitelupine [example]R.q: Vancha by Whitelupine
» semi-complex photomanipulation from AlexLibby [example] ...Space Illusions... by AlexLibby
»  free pixelart sketch from Heyriel [example]:thumb217530292:
» (place not assigned yet) free drawing from Valvador [example]The Best Of Me by Valvador
» free upper body sketch of one human character NaomiHansen

3rd place

»500 :points:
» 1-month subscription from Moonbeam13
» journal feature from MrsUnderground
» journal feature from Heyriel
» free ACEO from AnimeWolveslover [example].:ACEO Nao:. by AnimeWolveslover
» free sketches from Whitelupine [example]R.q: Vancha by Whitelupine
» basic photomanipulations from AlexLibby [example] ...Space Illusions... by AlexLibby
» free full picture from T-a-i-r-a
» (place not assigned yet) free pixel art without a background or up to 5-link pixel icon chain from  Fayren

3rd place

»500 :points:
» 1-month subscriptions from Heidi
» journal feature from MrsUnderground
» journal feature from Heyriel
» free head sketch of one human character NaomiHansen
»  free sketches from Whitelupine [example]R.q: Vancha by Whitelupine
» basic photomanipulation from AlexLibby [example] ...Space Illusions... by AlexLibby
» free full picture from T-a-i-r-a
» (place not assigned yet) free digitally coloured drawing from cargirl64 [example] 20 percent cooler by cargirl64

3rd place

»500 :points:
» journal feature from MrsUnderground
» journal feature from Heyriel
» 1-month subscriptions from Heidi
»  free sketches from Whitelupine [example]R.q: Vancha by Whitelupine
» basic photomanipulation from AlexLibby [example] ...Space Illusions... by AlexLibby
» free full pictures from T-a-i-r-a
» (place not assigned yet) free commission from FlashFireBlue [example] The GateKeeper by FlashFireBlue

3 additional prizes!

That's right! We still have points to give out 3 more 1-month premium memberships! But to whom we're going to award them is going to remain a secret for now! :meow: